Best Esports Betting Sites (2023)

A comprehensive guide on Esports betting and the best sites on the market! We do the research so that you don't have to.

Your Guide to Esports Betting Sites

Like any kind of competition, Esports attracts fans and observers that want to get an extra kick from seeing their favorite team win or maybe outsmart the odds with their knowledge. Thus ever since the conception of professional gaming, betting has been a part of it.

Today there are a ton of different ways to partake in Esports betting, with our guide you will be able to find the best betting sites for any game you could desire and any kind of betting you want to make, be it in purely skins or with crypto and fiat currencies. The options are many, from traditional betting sites with Esports as an alternative to specialized grass root sites, we will provide you with all the background and functionality so that you can find the site that fits your ethic or style!


How to Bet on Esports

Most of today’s Esports betting and CSGO gambling sites transform your deposition of skins or currency into a site balance or “coin” that represents a certain value which then can be used in order to bet on matches. This allows for a greater variety of deposit methods. Just as with betting in CSGO gambling games the site takes a small percentage of every bet you make, a so-called rake, where some sites offer rakeback to their loyal players giving you a certain percentage return on the rakes taken.

Very common in the beginning but due to restrictions on the game developing companies not so much anymore, is the betting with pure skins. Where you place your skins as a bet and upon successful bet get the same quality skin back plus other skins equal to the amount you won. NOTE that it is never guaranteed that you will get your exact skin back, so do not bet with your favorite float weapon!

Both of these methods, having site balance and pure skin bets, have their positives. We here at BestCSGOGambling are long-time gamers and remember the pure skin betting fondly, as it was quick and easy; you bet the skins directly from your steam inventory onto the site’s bot. It was a kind of closeness to the game you love to play and watch.

But since Esport and its betting has grown rapidly from its CSGO origins, the use of “site balance” has become the norm in order to facilitate betting in multiple types of Esports, helping the less popular games to garner interest.


Esport Match Betting

We intend to list the best Esport betting sites that will give you the chance to bet on all major and some minor esports and pro gaming tournaments. The most common games today are League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO. But with some research, you can also find other games with serious bookmakers to take your bets. While some Esport betting sites focus on having the best odds, other betting sites have their goal of giving the players the best wagering opportunities and the largest selection of matches. If you want to focus on CSGO gambling we recommend you to visit our homepage for the best-updated guides.

League of legends is no doubt one of the biggest and most popular games right now. There are plenty of Esport betting sites that let the players bet on their favorite teams during majors. League of Legends is an exciting game to watch even for the casual fans and events gather millions of bettors every year. Follow the best players in the world participating in
tournaments with huge prize pools on the line. So what events should you be looking out for in 2022?

The biggest event of the year is without question the League of Legends World Championship. Worlds feature 24 teams all around the globe who square up and compete for first place which lasts over a month. With a prize pool of over $2 million, it will most definitely bring the best and most intense gameplay to watch as a fan. Some Esport betting sites even offer live bets, so make sure to pick the best betting site for your experience. For the more Hardcore League of Legends fans, you can follow leagues competing for championships in their region every year just like in football. To name a few majors we recommend looking into LCS, LPL, and LCK. We list Esport betting sites covering these majors, make sure to read our reviews to find out which betting sites fits you the best.

Dota 2 is well known for having by far the biggest prize pools and they can go as high as $40 million. The large prize pool is mainly due to fans collecting through an in-game crowdfunding application. These multi-million dollar tournaments fought out in sold-out stadiums will bring the most intense battles competing for both glory and the biggest payouts Esport has ever seen. Make sure to stay updated if Dota 2 betting is your cup of tea since all the major events are held in stages. Some stages will have a tight schedule and will only last for a weekend and others might last for more than a month. Don’t snooze because then you might lose the opportunity to place some bets on your favorite Esport betting site. Enjoy betting on which team will slay the first Roshan or cash out big by predicting a “futures bet”.