Best CSGO Gambling Sites (2024)

A comprehensive guide on CSGO gambling and the best sites on the market! Updated daily to include the latest bonuses.

Best CSGO Gambling Sites for 2024

CSGO gambling is a phenomenon that started becoming popular back in 2015. People love skins, people love gambling – it was bound to happen. The CSGO gambling scene has since transformed from just a few major sites holding all the players, to today’s jungle with hundreds of great sites for the players to choose from. But a lot of choices also come with a lot of uncertainty – which one do I go for? Not to worry, we’ve anonymously signed up, played, reviewed, and ranked all of the biggest sites so that you can easily compare them and find which one fits you the best. Recently Counter-Strike 2 was released. If you want to find the best C2 gambling sites instead, check out this article.

CSGO Gambling Sites

What is CSGO Gambling?

CSGO gambling is an activity that has become increasingly popular as the market for CSGO skins and gambling overall has grown massively within the past couple of years. Not to get confused, skin gambling sites and cs:go gambling sites are the same just different names. Basically, it revolves around trading your skins in for an equivalent amount of currency which then can be used in the site’s casino. You’re offered a price for your skin which can then be traded into the site’s currency. This currency is usually displayed as coins, and the value of the coins differs between sites. Some sites have the value of one coin set to be equal to a dollar while on others you may find that 1000 coins are equivalent to a dollar. This system of using coins has been used in another similar area which is sweepstakes casinos for a while already.

After you’ve added a bankroll to one of the CSGO gambling sites, you’re ready to roll. Try one of the more CSGO-focused casino games like Crash, Jackpot, CoinFlip, Roulette, Case opening, or Match Betting to name a few. Some of the CSGO gambling sites are going to offer only CSGO-themed games while others also operate as regular casinos and offer slots, table games, and live casino games. The “hybrid” gambling site that offers CSGO casino games and regular casino games is something that we’re starting to see more often as of late. There are also options where you can gamble with your preowned skins, so if you own any and feel like putting them on the line and getting even more exclusive skins make sure to look for the skin gambling sites that suit you the best.

If you’re a CSGO fan we’re sure you’re going to appreciate the CSGO gambling-themed games. These will often display the value of the bets that are made in an equivalent CSGO skin. Since we’re big CSGO fans overall we love these kinds of details. You could also use your currency for regular case openings, just like the one offered in-game counterstrike. Some CSGO gambling site has even made their own cases. These are fun as the casinos can make whatever case they want, there are no rules. It could be containing a couple of cheap skins as well as a “Dragon Lore”, or it could consist of only skins at about the same price tag. Choose how much you wish to gamble and the level of risk you’re willing to take.

After you’re done gambling you can oftentimes withdraw your bankroll as skins to the same value of your account’s currency or in some cases and more recently CSGO gambling sites have added the option for cryptocurrency transactions.


How do I choose the best CSGO gambling site?

Alright, you’ve decided that you want to try your luck on one of the CSGO gambling sites. How do you choose the best option and what should you even be looking for when comparing them? Bonuses, reputation, and security are a couple of things we need to talk about.

Virtually every casino is going to offer you some kind of bonus. In the world of CSGO gambling, this is normally done in the form of a welcome bonus with a certain number of free cases. We definitely like free stuff but you may also want to focus your attention on some of the other important aspects of the site. Does the gambling site offer rakeback(cashback on your wagers)? Do they have a VIP program? What is the RTP(return-to-player) on the games offered? These are some of the more important questions we ask ourselves when examining bonuses and comparing the highs and the lows of the different sites.

Moving on, when discussing CSGO gambling sites, you can find both the licensed and the unlicensed options. Gaming licenses generally add greatly to the legitimacy of the gambling site. Sites that have a gaming license need to follow certain regulations and laws in order to keep their license, which makes it the safer option for the player. You may also want to do a quick reputation check of the site you are about to choose. How long has this site been operational? What are other people saying about it?

It can certainly be a confusing task to tell which ones are good or bad. This is where we have dedicated a lot of our time. Let us do the work – the complete research and analysis of information. We then put all the data we found into reviews of each gambling site that you can read in order to find the one you’ll likely enjoy the most.


What games can I play at a CSGO gambling site?

The beauty of playing at a CSGO gambling site, and what truly sets them apart from traditional casinos, is that the games offered are usually much more innovative. CSGO gambling sites don’t have to stay within the borders of what it means to be a traditional casino – so they don’t. You’ll find a bunch of variations on classics, such as the CSGO version of Roulette.

Or try completely innovative games such as the “Jackpot” mode, where you can deposit skins into a massive jackpot and get a chance to win based on the value of your bet.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular games offered by CSGO gambling and betting sites.

CSGO Gambling Games


Roulette is perhaps the most played out of the CSGO gambling games and a real staple in the genre. It’s sometimes named wheel or spin and comes in a couple of different ways. It stems from the original casino game “roulette” which can be found in any casino, online or live. In the CSGO version of the game, a couple of things have been changed. The traditional game that hosts the options of red or black has been swapped out for the CSGO teams CT (Counter-terrorists) and T (Terrorists). The 0 that is found in the original game and rewards the biggest wins, often has the logo of the CSGO gambling site instead. The game works similarly to traditional roulette. Wagering on T or CT and winning rewards you with 2x your money while betting on the CSGO logo (or 0) gives you 14x your wager. Some sites have added a bonus pot to each spin that is rewarded to players that participate. The odds of winning this bonus pot are often increased by the amount you’ve bet. CSGO roulette comes in a couple of standard editions like the very popular “slider” or the “50x”. In the latter, the rules are a little different and give the player a chance to win 50 times your wager. CSGORoll is perhaps the most iconic site when talking about the slider version of roulette.


A game mode that’s recently become popularised on CSGO gambling sites is the “Crash” game mode. This is where players can choose a bet of whatever size they wish, join the crash and see the multiplier increase. Players can at any point during the round choose to cash out and keep their winnings, but the multipliers can get huge, so when is the right time to cash out? If you haven’t cashed out by the time the multiplier “crashes” you lose your bet. Crash as a game mode is quickly becoming a staple within gambling because of its fast pace and simple rules. Additionally, you’re going to find that the house edge of these kinds of games is often lower and more favorable to the players. You’re gonna want to look for the highest RTP (“Return-To-Player”) to have a chance of coming out on top in the end!


CSGO Jackpot was originally popularised by one of the first CSGO gambling sites, named just that, “CSGOJackpot”. The site set up a game mode where players could choose to enter a jackpot and add any amount that they’d like into the jackpot. The players are given a percentage based on the value of their bet in comparison to the total jackpot. Here’s a concrete example:

The total jackpot is $900 and you decide to bet $100 making the total jackpot $1000. Your bet is equal to 10% of the total jackpot, so your total chance of winning is 10%.

Keep in mind that there’s also a rake that the website charges in order to stay in business, this is usually a low percentage of the total pot such as 1-3%.


Coinflip is a simple game mode where players can choose to bet on either CT (Counter-Terrorists) or T (Terrorists) in a coinflip to double their money. This is like a two-player version of the CSGO jackpot game mode, but the bets always have to match each other. Simply put, if you choose to open a CSGO coinflip lobby with a $10 bet on CT, someone has to bet $10 on T to join that jackpot. This way you have a 50% chance to win and if you win you double your money.

Case Opening

Just like in-game case opening, CSGO gambling sites often offer their own case opening game mode. You might be asking yourself, why would you want to open cases on a gambling website and not just in-game? There are two major reasons for this. 

The first is that the odds are usually much more in your favor when opening cases on a gambling site compared to in-game. You might be opening in-game cases and having a 1% chance of getting a knife, and this could easily end up being a $100 knife.

The second is that you can create your own cases or open cases created by other users. Maybe you really want a dragon lore, setting up a case with low-value skins and one dragon lore will ensure that if you do get incredibly lucky you’ll actually get a dragon lore – not a random skin.

Case Battles

The cases that can be opened on each CSGO gambling site in the “Case opening” section can oftentimes also be used to gamble in “Case battles”. Basically, you select a case that you want to gamble with and take a seat in a game where you wait for another player to accept your challenge or if that takes too long you ask a bot of the site the join. The player or bot that joins brings their own case that’s the same. You then battle for the chance of winning both cases by coin-flipping. You also need to pick what side you want to represent before settling the bet, T or CT. 

Match Betting

Just like betting on traditional sports like soccer, tennis, or basketball you can now also bet on your favorite team on various CSGO gambling sites. Esports has grown tremendously in the last decade due to its fast pace and exciting nature with CSGO at the top of the list. Now you can watch your favorite team live on CSGO gambling sites and place bets before the match starts or place live bets during the match. There are lots of different results and outcomes players can bet on but the most common ones are match winners, map wins, and map scores.

Live betting gives the players a chance to predict momentum swings in matches while regular betting is the more traditional option. The bets and odds may vary from different CSGO gambling sites so make sure you find your favorite site to place bets.

CSGO betting definitely makes it more exciting to watch a game of Counter-Strike.

Traditional Casino

Some of the CSGO gambling sites have a traditional casino section that you normally would find in an online casino. Games found within this section are slots and table games. In the past few years, a new category has been added to this section that is called “Live casino”. Here, you can play traditional table games like roulette or baccarat with live dealers that take your action in real time. Gameshows are something that has started showing up more recently and are a fun and more interactive option to traditional casino games.


Signing up at a CSGO Gambling Site

Signing up at a CSGO gambling site is usually a simple process. After clicking the “Sign Up” or “Sign In” button you are regularly asked to sign in with your steam account. This is all you need to do in most cases and a way for the gambling site to gain access to your inventory in order to value your CSGO skins.

At this stage, CSGO gambling sites normally ask for a bonus code or is going to offer you some kind of welcome bonus. Make sure to use our lists of gambling sites to find the welcome bonus that looks appealing to you before making a deposit. Many sites offer “no-deposit” bonuses which could be something like three free cases that can instantly be opened after completing the sign-up, without the need to deposit first. When you’ve signed up and claimed your potential bonuses you’re ready to deposit a bankroll in order to start the gambling journey.

In some cases, where the CSGO gambling site is operating under a gaming license, you could be asked to add some additional information about yourself as per the KYC (know your customer) regulations that the site may be forced to impose. This could be sending in documents like a picture of your ID or an electrical bill that shows your address. When the process has been completed once your account is verified and you can freely deposit and withdraw skins or currency.

In most cases, however, you can simply enter the CSGO gambling website you like, login with your steam account, play in the casino by depositing CSGO skins, and withdraw your winnings without hassle or the need to submit any additional personal information.

CSGO Gambling Sign Up StepsDeposit

In order to get started with your CSGO gambling or betting, you must first deposit a bankroll. There are generally three different options for deposition depending on what site you choose, they are the following:

  • Skins: Normally done by a Player to Player (P2P)  system where you trade your skin to their designated account in exchange for credits to gamble with.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Most sites nowadays will accept cryptocurrency deposits. The biggest and most popular CSGO gambling sites offer multiple options for crypto-deposits but Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the most common. 
  • FIAT: Depositing using traditional currencies can be done at some of the more established sites. This is the least used option of the three and is not always offered. In the cases where we find FIAT options this is normally done with either PayPal, Trustly, or simply by using your credit card. 

Depending on what deposit method you choose, the processing time may vary but most of the time they will be instantaneous or a few minutes at most.


Withdrawals are available using the same methods as deposits but may come with some limits depending on your chosen method. Most CSGO gambling sites offer withdrawal in fiat or crypto. However, some CSGO gambling sites may only accept withdrawals in skins chosen from their marketplace.

Due to volatility in CSGO skin prices and currency rates the value of items deposited may vary when you withdraw. Opportunistic players may use this to their favor by depositing and withdrawing Skins to make a profit.

Some CSGO gambling sites frown upon this use of their platform for skin trading and may reject your withdrawal on suspicion of doing so. Others, such as CSGOEmpire don’t mind this activity and thus have no policies implemented against it. 

Always make sure to read the site’s rules regarding this practice before using their platform so as to not run into any issues when withdrawing your funds. This information is usually found in the F.A.Q. section of the site. Should you not find the answer to your question here, we always recommend speaking with support.


Pros and cons

Playing on a CSGO gambling site is absolutely a unique and refreshing experience compared to traditional casinos. Now, having gone through the particularities that set CSGO gambling apart from traditional gambling sites let’s look at the pros and cons of choosing a CSGO gambling site.


Fewer regulations, by dealing in digital commodities such as skins some of the CSGO gambling sites do not need to operate under a license opening them up to a greater audience than ones with a license. Furthermore, this makes it so that you oftentimes only need a steam account to sign up and start to play!

Payment options, with the focus on CSGO and gaming, most CSGO gambling sites offer a larger than usual variety of deposits and withdrawals in CSGO skins or in some instances like with 500Casino, game codes or software keys making it easy for you to turn digital goods you don’t need into excitement or the other way around, use your skill and luck to win codes for games you are interested in.

Marketplace, some of the bigger CSGO gambling sites offer marketplaces for their players to deposit, trade, or withdraw winnings from, giving you the opportunity to increase your earnings by “betting” on the market and giving the opportunity to play your way to your favorite skin.


Smaller market size, even with its healthy player base where sites get over 500K visitors per month, CSGO gambling is a niche within the industry compared to the big traditional sites. Thus limiting investments into the scene and making the CSGO gambling sites rare.

Bonuses, due to the fact of its limited market size the bonuses that CSGO gambling sites can offer their customers are often smaller than traditional gambling sites, only a handful of the biggest CSGO gambling sites offer a percentage-based welcome bonus on deposit while most offer free cases regardless of the amount you deposit.


Betting vs Gambling

We have a rich history that goes way back where we’ve enjoyed the thrilling experience that comes with both betting and gambling. We as mankind have always been attracted to the element of risk, uncertainty, and not knowing the outcome. It’s in our nature to want to know the results of the future whether it’s a cliffhanger on your favorite series to a bet you’ve placed through BestCSGOGambling. But it’s very common for people to confuse betting with gambling and that’s why we will explain it to you.


An agreement between two parties where the one who makes the right prediction about an uncertain outcome wins is called betting. The party who guessed the wrong outcome will have to forfeit something to the other who made the right call. Both betting and gambling involve wagering money on the outcome of a race, game, or wherever there might be multiple outcomes. Betting and gambling are easily confused since they overlap and betting is considered a form of gambling. A simple example of betting is players who wager money on different outcomes during events such as an election or eSport matches.

In order to make an intelligent bet you will also need knowledge about odds, which are usually set by a team of traders on each site. It is up to the player to find the site with odds that they deem good for the desired betting. There are three main ways to calculate bets; fractional (British) odds, decimal (European) odds, and money line (American) odds. The decimal odds (European odds) is the one most commonly used for eSport betting and it shows a number which when multiplied with your amount betted gives you the potential winnings, for example: NiP x0.75 vs Astralis x1.5.

If you look to do betting in traditional sport then American or British odds becomes more common, so let’s go through them!
American odds is shown with a (+) or (-) sign followed by a three digit number. A team with a negative number indicates it as the favourite and a positive number indicates the underdog. Put into practice, betting 100$ on an underdog team with the odds +210 will net you 310$ (210$ profit). Whereas betting on a favourite with say -150 odds you need to bet 150$ in order to win 100$ meaning you will receive less than even when betting on the favourite.

The British or fractional odds is used mostly for horse racing and thus not so relevant for our sites. However it is displayed as: 9/5 or 4/8. The left number indicates how many times the sportbook expect an outcome to fail and the number on the right how many times it will succeed.


Gambling is also wagering money but the main intent of gambling is winning money or material goods. For it to be gambling it should involve these three elements, risk/chance, prize, and the amount wagered. The outcome of gambling is usually immediate and fast-paced. Popular forms of gambling are roulette, slots, or blackjack to name a few, and are very beginner-friendly. More complex forms of gambling that require more experience and practice are poker or bingo. Since gambling is addictive in nature some countries tend to regulate the act of gambling to prevent some people from spending vast amounts of money.

So our conclusion is that betting and gambling both involve wagering money on the outcome of some kind of unpredictable event. As mentioned there is a great deal of overlap between gambling and betting since we consider betting a form of gambling. The main difference between betting and gambling when it comes to eSport is that gambling is more about the classic games you find on CSGO gambling sites and betting is where you watch and place bets during eSport matches.


Free Codes & Bonuses

There’s no secret that every casino out there is offering some kind of welcome bonus that will make the players more interested to sign up and collect some extra free stuff. CSGO gambling sites usually offer free coins or free cases that you can gamble with to test your luck, even without the need for a deposit.

You should also be aware that some of the CSGO gambling sites have daily bonuses available to collect for the player. Usually, these bonuses are daily cases, promo codes or cashback losses so make sure to follow your favorite casino on a social media platform such as Twitter or Discord. If you’re ready to make a deposit you should look for the CSGO gambling site that offers the biggest deposit bonus to extend your budget and set you up for a good gambling experience.

Another way to receive free rewards is by inviting your friends using a unique referral link or code. If they start playing they’ll receive a special welcome bonus that differs depending on what CSGO gambling site you choose. Every time your friend makes a deposit using your code you’ll earn a commission. All earnings you make using this system can be claimed in CSGO skins in most cases.

Check our list above to find out which CSGO sites offer the best free bonus or CSGO skins. Pick the one you like and enter the bonus code to claim your free case or bonus coins. Jump into game modes like crash, roulette or place live bets on matches to get your adrenaline going.

CSGO Gambling BonusLoyalty Rewards

So what do the CS:GO gambling sites offer when it comes to loyalty rewards and what is it exactly? Loyalty rewards are quite simple, the more you gamble the more rewards from the house you will get. It’s a program the gambling sites use to encourage their players to stick to their site and also something that will make certain players gamble more. You can compare it to the recent phenomenon with battle passes for gamers out there. The more you game the more exclusive rewards you will get. I love battle passes because they very often bring a lot of value if you get to the higher levels. The downside is that it will make me play way more than I normally would if I didn’t have one. So if you are like me you should always be careful of how you gamble and make sure not to wager more than you could afford. Don’t let the rewards fool you because they are not valued more than what you will have to spend on gambling, but they can be a nice bonus from time to time. So make sure to check out the different loyalty rewards since they differ from each other and pick the CSGO gambling site that suits you the best.


Mobile Gambling

In more recent times gambling from your mobile device has become very popular. Previously it was hard for gambling sites to put up good-looking, bug-free, and similar mobile versions of their website. Today, you’ll now find that almost every CSGO gambling site also has the option to access their website on your smartphone or tablet, through the device’s browser. In most cases, when gambling on your mobile device, the website or game design layout is very similar and you can access the same library of games.

Coding of websites has become increasingly easy to do which has left the need for the sites to make an actual app close to none. Some gambling sites, however, are still offering app versions of their site. In those cases, you can find it in your device’s app store.

Throw your feet up on the sofa, kick back and relax. Gambling done on the go is definitely the preferred choice of the team at BestCSGOGambling.


Customer Service

CSGO Gambling is a popular concept and the stakes can get high, therefore it is important that the sites have a robust system to handle transactions and good support assistance for their players should there be any problems during a session. At BestCSGOGambling we review our listed casino’s customer service by looking at their user-friendliness, responsiveness, and available channels for contact and problem-solving.

If you ever find yourself in need of support you’ll find that the best CSGO gambling sites offer customer support of some kind. Usually through one or more of the following means: Live chat that will give you a message box to get directly in contact with staff, when provided 24/7 this is usually the fastest way to get help. Other means the casino might use email contact or create a ticket on their site, both of these can be slow in communication. Additionally, some sites use social media platforms to handle their customer service and create archives with solved problems, making it possible to find old posts related to your problem.

With this in mind, we advise you to do some research first before you contact customer support. It’s likely that other players already had the same problem and additionally by looking at your chosen CS:GO gambling sites FAQ section you might find the answer you’re looking for. You can of course also follow your casino on social media for the latest news and possible site problems. And if you have any questions and want to ask us for some advice or support you can find our contact information in our about us section.


Provably Fair

When CSGO gambling sites originally launched there were a lot of controversies regarding ensuring fairness and that the results weren’t controlled by the sites themselves. In recent years the technology “Provably Fair” has become massively popular in the world of online casinos, making sure games are just that – fair and with data to prove it.
The Provably Fair algorithm is derived from the Blockchain technology which is the backbone of all cryptocurrencies, a decentralized system where data and transactions are handled through the users rather than a 3d party. There are many different providers of Provably Fair technologies and they are structured differently depending on the type of game. They all function in the same way, by giving you a “hashed seed number”. Once a bet has been placed you’re also given your own “seed number”. If you insert your own seed number and the hash hasn’t moved – the game is provably fair and random.

The idea behind this technology is to provide transparency by giving the player data points that helps players to track all the steps in the betting or game to ensure nothing has been tampered with, all the steps are connected in a chain. Beside the security it provides while playing the data extracted with Provably fair technology also makes sure that payments and winnings reach the player faster as well as safer than ever before.


Security & Safety

When discussing the safety and security of different best CSGO gambling sites there are a few things we should talk about. Many of the CS:GO gambling sites are using some if not all the things we’re about to mention in order to make their website a safer place for the player. Following are some of the major things to consider when adding safety and security to the equation of choosing the best place to gamble:

For starters, we find that most sites are encrypted with an SSL or in some cases the more modern TLS encryption. This ensures that any private information you should be asked to put into the gambling sites system is going to be hidden and protected. Navigate to the site’s privacy policy to read more about encryption and other safety measures that are taken to protect your information. Some CS:GO gambling sites are going to offer you the option of 2-step authentication. In short, this means you could increase the safety of your account by requiring two channels of passcodes that need to be entered every time you want to log on or want to move money on the site. This could be getting one code via a phone text and another by email. You should also research and consider the general reputation of the best CSGO gambling site you’re interested in trying. We’re constantly updating our reviews in order to share information like this as accurately as possible.


In the world of CSGO gambling, you’re going to find options that are operating under a gaming license, often from Curacao, or gambling sites that are unlicensed. Which one you prefer is going to depend on what you’re looking for. The potential pro of having a gaming license is the fact that the gambling site has to follow rules and regulations from the country that has issued the license in order to keep it. Sites that have a license are generally the safer option for a player but oftentimes come with restrictions, mostly geographical ones. It’s normal to find that a small to a big number of countries have been restricted from playing on gambling sites that have gaming licenses.

If we instead focus on the possible positives of choosing a gambling site that operate without a license, this could be a good choice for someone that wishes to stay anonymous. Licensed gambling sites are sometimes required to collect personal information from you as per the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. In the end, it all comes down to what you think is more important. Anonymity is for some people the most important while increased safety may be preferred by others.

Beyond the safety concerns of players some CSGO gambling sites, like Hellcase for example handles all transactions in skins instead of fiat or cryptocurrencies which means they don’t need a license to operate. Opening them up to a wider audience as licenses always restricts which countries you can operate in.

Casinos without a license have become increasingly popular in Sweden since the regulation in 2019. To learn more about these casinos, visit

Terms & Conditions

If you want to know more about how the best CSGO gambling sites operate it’s good to read their Terms and conditions section. Here you will find what you could call rules when using their website. Just to name a few examples it could be that “all bets are final”, which means that they will not refund any money that you lost on a bet. Another standard is that the CSGO gambling sites will not be held responsible for ensuring that your account is secure. It is recommended to use two-factor authentication for added security. 

Maybe it’s not the most enjoyable activity to read their terms but it could be very useful to not fall into any loophole. The most common thing new players fail to realize is that there are often hidden terms when collecting your sign-up bonus. You will often have to deposit and wager a random amount of money before you can collect it. So if you are new to the gambling scene we highly recommend that you read up on this to get a better understanding of how the CS:GO gambling sites work.


Manipulated Sites & Scams

Like many new emerging markets and businesses, the CSGO Gambling scene has seen its fair share of fraudulent sites. These sites were often promoted by Youtubers and big streamers while hiding the fact that they were directly involved with the casino in question and manipulated the results during their promotional play sessions on the sites. Some red flags to look out for when choosing a site are first and foremost the lack of Provably Fair technology, we advise you to absolutely stay away from such sites as there are ample amounts of providers of this technology making the lack of such very suspicious.



CSGO gambling is an activity that in the past couple of years has become a huge market. The skin market today is similar to the real stock market and the prices of skins will act in a similar way to how a stock will. Demand and supply rules but we can also see clear trends that older CSGO skins are becoming more valuable. What differentiates CSGO gambling from regular online casinos is mostly found in the games section of the site. Instead of offering the traditional slots, table games, or live casino options that you can find in a casino, you are going to find gambling games that are made in a counter-strike theme. This is the main difference from traditional casino gambling and is also what makes CSGO gambling more fun. When the values of your bets are presented in an equally valued CSGO skin it’s a more thrilling experience. You could be opening cases containing dragon lores or one of the most valuable knives. The imagination of the gambling sites is the only thing limiting what is put in the cases. You chose the level of risk you’re willing to take. Battling against another real-life player in one of the case battles, instead of playing against the gambling site, is also an addicting factor.

  • Choosing the best CSGO gambling site for you isn’t as hard as you’d think. You can use our ranked lists of CS:GO gambling sites and read the reviews to stay up to date. Our goal is to present fair and objective lists with only the facts, the good, and the bad. In the end, it all comes down to what you want. Do you want a healthy welcome bonus or do you prefer some kind of cashback deal? What kind of games are you looking for? We’ve tried to answer these questions in our casino reviews.
  • Signing up is not normally needed when trying to gamble with your CSGO skins as you can simply log on to most of the CS:GO gambling sites with your steam account. Skins are then traded in for site currency and these can in turn be used to gamble in the various games of the site. Withdraw the site currency back into skins or in some cases, you can find options for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • When it comes to the security and transparency of the different CS:GO gambling sites, we find that most of them are operating with gaming licenses. This means that they have to follow regulations in order to keep the license and inhibit them from illegitimate or unfair actions against the players. We can also find that many of the gambling sites use mainly “Provably Fair” games which ensures the randomness of the outcome in each game. 

All in all, CSGO gambling is for the player that is looking for more than the traditional casino games that are normally offered by a gambling site. To know what we’re talking about, the BestCSGOGambling team has tried most of the games that we can find on the CS:GO gambling sites and we simply have to say it’s lots of fun. This may, however, be due to our general love of the game we all call counter-strike. 


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Is CSGO Gambling legit?

CSGO gambling sites that use the “Provably Fair” technology can be considered legit as the outcome of their games is confirmed to be a result of randomness and cannot be controlled or rigged.

What games can I play at a CSGO gambling site?

There’s a bunch of variations of popular games that are available on CSGO gambling sites. The most popular being Crash, Dice, Jackpot, Case Opening, Coin Flip and Roulette.