Best CS:GO Gambling Sites (2022)

A comprehensive guide on CS:GO gambling and the best sites on the market! We do the research so that you don't have to.

Your Guide To CSGO Gambling Sites

CS:GO gambling is a phenomenon that started becoming popular back in 2015. People love skins, people love gambling – it was bound to happen. The CSGO gambling scene has since transformed from just a few major sites holding all the players, to today’s jungle with hundreds of great sites for the players to choose from. But a lot of choices also comes with a lot of uncertainty – which one do I go for? Not to worry, we’ve anonymously signed up, played, reviewed and ranked all of the biggest sites so that you can easily compare them and find which one fits you the best.

CSGO Gambling Sites

What is CSGO Gambling?

CSGO gambling sites are gambling sites where players can exchange skins for a currency on the site that can be used to play a lot of the classic casino games. The currency is usually displayed as coins, and the values of the coins differ from site to site. Some sites have the value of a coin set to be equal to a dollar, on others you might find that 1000 coins is equivalent to a dollar.


What games can I play at a CSGO gambling site?

The beauty of playing at a CSGO gambling site, and what truly sets them apart from traditional casinos, is that the games offered are usually much more innovative. CSGO gambling sites don’t have to stay within the borders of what it means to be a traditional casino – so they don’t. You’ll find a bunch of variations on classics, such as the CSGO version of Roulette.

Or try completely innovative games such as the “Jackpot” mode, where you can deposit skins into a massive jackpot and get a chance to win based on the value of your bet.

Here’s a rundown of the most popular games offered by CSGO gambling and betting sites.


A game mode that’s recently become popularised on CS:GO gambling sites is the “Crash” gamemode. This is where players can choose a bet of whatever size they wish, join the crash and see the multiplier go up. Players can at any point during the round choose to cash out and keep their winnings, but the multipliers can get huge, so when is the right time to cash out? If you haven’t cashed out by the time the multiplier “crashes” you lose your bet.


CS:GO Jackpot was originally popularised by one of the first CS:GO gambling sites, named just that, “CSGOJackpot”. The site set up a game mode where players could choose to enter a jackpot and add any amount that they’d like into the jackpot. The players are given a percentage based on the value of their bet in comparison to the total jackpot. Here’s a concrete example:

  • The total jackpot is $900 and you decide to bet $100 making the total jackpot $1000. Your bet is equal to 10% of the total jackpot, so your total chance of winning is 10%.

Keep in mind that there’s also a rake that the website charges in order to stay in business, this is usually a low percentage of the total pot such as 1-3%.


Coinflip is a simple game mode where players can choose to bet on either CT (Counter-Terrorists) or T (Terrorists) in a coinflip to double your money. This is like a two player version of the CS:GO jackpot game mode, but the bets always have to match each other. Simply put, if you choose to open a CS:GO coinflip lobby with a $10 bet on CT, someone has to bet $10 on T to join that jackpot. This way you have a 50% chance to win and if you win you double your money.


CS:GO gambling sites offer a different variation of the traditional Roulette game that’s often played at live casinos. Players can choose to bet on red, black or green. There’s no numbers, but some sites have specific symbols you can bet on. This is a simplified version of the traditional roulette, and it’s shown as a roll instead of a wheel. Betting on red or black and winning rewards you with 2x your money, while betting on green and winning rewards you with 14x your money.

Case Opening

Just like in-game case opening, CS:GO gambling sites often offer their own case opening game mode. You might be asking yourself, why would you want to open cases on a gambling website and not just in-game? There’s two major reasons for this. 

The first is that the odds are usually much more in your favor when opening cases on a gambling site compared to in-game. You might be opening in-game cases and having a 1% chance of getting a knife, and this could easily end up being a $100 knife.

The second is that you can create your own cases or open cases created by other users. Maybe you really want a dragon lore, setting up a case with low value skins and one dragon lore will ensure that if you do get incredibly lucky you’ll actually get a dragon lore – not a random skin.

Match Betting

Just like betting on traditional sports like soccer, tennis or basketball you can now also bet on your favorite team on various CSGO gambling sites. Esports has grown tremendously the last decade due to its fast pace and exciting nature with CSGO at the top of the list. Now you can watch your favorite team live on CSGO gamling sites and place bets before the match starts or place live bets during the match. There are lots of different results and outcomes players can bet on but the most common ones are match winner, map wins and map scores. 

Live betting gives the players a chance to predict momentum swings in matches while regular betting is the more traditional option. The bets and odds may vary from different CSGO gambling sites so make sure you find your favorite site to place your bets. 

CSGO betting definitely makes it more exciting to watch a game of Counter-Strike.


Signing up at a CSGO Gambling Site

Signing up at CSGO betting sites is a simple process. Click the sign up button and you’ll be sent to the steam website to confirm the login with your steam account. If you wish to use any CSGO gambling bonus codes, or to claim a welcome bonus, make sure to sign up using our list or to find the bonus code you wish to use before depositing any skins. A lot of sites also offer you no-deposit bonuses for signing up at their site, this could be something like 3x free cases that can instantly be opened after signing in.


In order to get started with your gambling or betting you must first deposit a bankroll. There are generally three different options for deposition depending on what site you choose, they are the following:

  • Skins: Normally done by a Player to Player (P2P)  system where you trade your skin to their designated account in exchange for credits to gamble with.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Most sites nowadays will accept cryptocurrency deposits. The biggest and most popular CSGO gambling sites offer multiple options for crypto-deposits but Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the most common. 
  • FIAT: Depositing using traditional currencies can be done at some of the more established sites. This is the least used option of the three and is not always offered. In the cases where we find FIAT-options this is normally done with either PayPal, Trustly or simply by using your credit card. 

Depending on what deposit method you choose, the processing time may vary but most of the time they will be instantaneous or a few minutes at most.


Withdrawals are available using the same methods as with deposits but may come with some limits depending on your chosen method. Each site differs slightly in the limits they impose. 

Due to volatility in Skin prices and currency rates the value of items deposited may vary when you withdraw. Opportunistic players may use this to their favor by depositing and withdrawing Skins to make a profit.

Some CSGO gambling sites frown upon this use of their platform for skin trading and may reject your withdrawal on suspicion of doing so. Others, such as CSGOEmpire doesn’t mind this activity and thus have no policies implemented against it. 

Always make sure to read the site’s rules regarding this practice before using their platform so as to not run into any issues when withdrawing your funds. This information is usually found in the F.A.Q. section of the site. Should you not find the answer to your question here, we always recommend speaking with support.


Provably Fair

When CS:GO gambling sites originally launched there were a lot of controversies regarding ensuring fairness and that the results weren’t controlled by the sites themselves. In recent years the technology “Provably Fair” has become massively popular in the world of online casinos, making sure games are just that – provably fair. The technology works by giving you a “hashed seed number”. Once a bet has been placed you’re also given your own “seed number”. If you insert your own seed number and the hash hasn’t moved – the game is provably fair and random.

Is CSGO Gambling legit?

CSGO gambling sites that use the “Provably Fair” technology can be considered legit as the outcome of their games is confirmed to be a result of randomness and cannot be controlled or rigged.

What games can I play at a CSGO gambling site?

There’s a bunch of variations of popular games that are available on CSGO gambling sites. The most popular being Crash, Dice, Jackpot, Case Opening, Coin Flip and Roulette.