Best Live Casino Sites (2023)

A comprehensive guide on live casinos and the best sites on the market! We do the research so that you don't have to.


The growth of CSGO gambling can partly be attributed to its innovative new games and fresh takes on existing ones, offering a unique gaming experience with its themes. One game category that has recently started to emerge more and more on CSGO gambling sites is the Live casino feature.

Live casino games have truly popped off as a new and intriguing casino feature within the past couple of years in the gambling world. Its interactiveness has some players favoring it over the traditional casino or CSGO games. When scouting the different CSGO gambling sites we’re starting to see it available more often. For that reason, we’ve made a list of the sites that do offer this exciting and newish feature.

What Is Live Casino

So the idea of live casino games has piqued your interest, but maybe you are not completely sure what it is. Not to worry, we here at BestCSGOGambling will teach you everything you need to know in order to navigate and find the best live casino games on the market! So, to put it simply, Live casino can be any type of gambling or game that is chaperoned by an actual person and live streamed to the site, in essence, it is the closest you can get to attending an actual casino without actually setting foot in one!

When browsing for a live casino game you usually get a list of the available game modes (more on the games later) as well as a picture featuring a frame from the game currently being played so that you can find the dealer you fancy. Once inside a specific live casino game, you can choose to take a seat if there is one available. Most live casino games include a chat box for you to interact with the dealer and other players, and that is it, you are now playing in a live casino game!

It is easy to see why this type of casino feature is gaining more popularity in the traditional casino as well as CSGO gambling sites, getting reactions from the dealer and being able to interact with them can be a very enhancing experience while playing.

Most Popular Live Casino Games

When we’re talking about the most popular live casino games, there is no doubt that the most represented games in this category mainly stem from three games. These are the traditional casino games blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. One of the reasons that these three games are the most commonly represented in this category is the fact that virtually every live casino provider has made at least one version of each of the games. The difference between the games is mainly found in the details like what language the game is presented in, graphical differences, and variations in rules. 

Although the majority of this category is covered by the classical table games, there are other options to be played as well. With new games emerging all the time. Since Evolution Gaming is the most common game provider to find here, their games are also what you’re going to see most frequently in today’s casinos. Popular games made by Evolution include Deal or no deal, Monopoly, and Lightning dice. All of which are popular gameshows and a tad more interactive than your traditional casino games. 

The Biggest Live Casino Game Providers

This section is going to be a little repetitive as there’s really only one large game provider that rules the live casino category, with a few eager contenders in their shadow. Evolution Gaming has been around since 2006 and is the main contributor that has made live casino what it has become today. When browsing the different online casinos, you’re going to find that Evolution is found within almost all of them. In some cases, you’re going to find nothing but Evolution’s games in the live casino section. There’s a reason why they have this presence on the market and this reason lies mainly in the overall quality of their games. There is however some friction brewing in this department and other live casino game providers are constantly trying to battle Evolution for the number one spot. The most notable contenders for this spot are: 

  • Playtech
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming 
  • Pragmatic Play
  • BetGames

All of which makes equally good games and in some cases challenge and outperform Evolution by offering better “RTP” or other improved features to the players.

Mobile Live Casino

Something that’s getting increasingly more popular is gambling remotely on your phone or tablet device. The casinos have put a lot of money and time into perfecting their website, in order to translate and function well on mobile devices. Today you can expect casinos to present good quality live casino games without the need for downloading an app. The CSGO gambling industry is rather new to the casino business but they have adapted their websites well to mobile and tablet devices, 500casino is one of the sites to offer this mobile live casino experience for its users.


RTP which is short for return to player is the theoretical return that a player will see when playing a specific game. It’s calculated by simulating gameplay for millions of rounds in order to estimate what sort of return players can expect. This is something that you as a player should be wary about since the RTP is not going to be the same for every game you play. Usually, the older and more popular games have lower RTP (higher fee) which means new games on the market might be beneficial and the more profitable option to choose. The higher the RTP the better it is for the player. If a game has an RTP of 98% this means that the average fee for each wager is 2%. This number is going to stack up the more you gamble and for that reason, you should always check the RTP of a CSGO gambling or live casino game first.


Live casinos are something that appeals to a large number of players due to the fact that it’s a very unique experience to play in real-time with real dealers, regardless of where you are in the world. Before choosing where you want to wager your money it’s wise to get familiar with the pros and cons in order to avoid any misunderstandings. You could start by looking at the RTP of the different live casino games since these can differ a lot, sometimes multiple percent. Live casino is a category that we don’t believe is going to decrease in popularity since it’s evolving and improving constantly. When VR and AR technology will be compatible with live casinos it will only add to the experience. We’re also certain that we will see more added live casino features within the CSGO gambling community in the future.