Privacy Policy

How We Handle Our Privacy Policy

Here at BestCSGOGambling, we look after our visitors. It’s important to us that visitors feel safe when they land on our website. We’re constantly working on finding improvements to our site and we’ve also made sure that the only information you ever have to provide is cookies. This is because all information is available to all visitors without any form of account registration. We will tell you below what cookies are and how we at BestCSGOgambling use them. We will also write down our policies and what you can expect from our site. 


Cookies are a way for websites to customize and make their web services better for the user. The information is stored on a visitor’s computer by a web server and can easily be removed if wanted. No visitors’ personal information is being stored by BestCSGOGambling. In order to get the full experience on our website, the visitor has to accept cookies otherwise our website will have limited functionality. We use cookies to personalize content and provide features and analyze our traffic. BestCSGOGambling does not share or sell any information about our visitors.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy

If you choose to accept our use of cookies we advise our users to review our Privacy Policy on a regular basis in order to become familiar with our terms. It’s also a way for our users to keep updated if we will implement amendments. 

Links on our Website

As mentioned in our previous chapter not sharing nor collecting personalized data with other third-party companies does not mean we can guarantee the same once you leave our website. We don’t take on any responsibility regarding links on our website that will redirect you to other companies. Our website provides links to other websites only for the convenience of our visitors. We recommend you research the privacy policy of your chosen links you may press since this Privacy Policy only covers our website. 

SSL Certificate

To make sure that all our traffic is entirely encrypted we use an SSL certificate. With our encrypted connection, we can ensure that no one else can access the cookies that we may collect from our users. When websites use an SSL connection its purpose is usually to prevent users from theft of user banking details or personal information. Since we don’t collect any information from our users this certificate might seem excessive. Still, we at BestCSGOGamling simply want to make the usage of our site entirely safe for our visitors.

Age Restriction

Content on this Site is directed at individuals over the age of 18 and is not directed at children under the age of 16. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 16. 

Feedback & Support

We welcome you to contact us with feedback and questions regarding improvements on our site. If you provide us feedback or contact us for support we will collect your name and e-mail address, as well as any other content that you send to us, in order to reply.